About the writer


I am Auni Yazid. 

I have kept this personal blog to myself for years long, in coping with my memories on track and simply just to brush up my writing skills. Since 2013 up until now it's 2018, I then decided to be more open up to anyone that knows me thus this blog is now set public just to everyone who wants to inspire and get inspired throughout with my journey. 

I believe how we all come from such a different and diverse walk of life, and our stories are all different from one another. this way makes each of us truly a unique masterpiece, that none of us is borne for nothing. In fact, we are up for something. 

Most important, this blog is built simply to express how excited (and as way of expressing grattitude) in me finding this life as magically interesting therefore, worth a story telling. 

i am welcoming everyone to read my stories and follow my journey.