Best of Valencia

I... have promised to myself that I won't finish my last word of my dissertation if I'm not settled with my trip post beforehand. Like I made it compulsory, of course I must do. Though this trip wasn't supposed to be the highlight of December, it came out to be as well important like all my other places I planned to go. so here we go...

Valencia was to be my first city to visit after the last paper I attend yesterday's morning. God bless the last paper wasn't a bad one, that I woke up the next morning telling myself

"I am so ready for a good escape."

First out of three, to be real.
The story of how this trip gets to be real has started long ago quite few weeks before. That on one night when the girls just feeling bored and uneasy... much of feeling unsatisfied that 10 months are going to end very soon. And this is like what, the prolly lifetime chance you got to visit all Europe countries with the least of money to spend... (compared to when you depart from home)

So as we quite worried of the limited time we have, we just browsed for the cheapest flight. We say 'maybe we can just book any flights, I mean we can plan the itinerary later'.
There's always a way, when you have the will. 

The flight to Valencia took the earliest morning flight, I bet that was the first flight depart that morning. It was to be exact, 6am flight.

Off to Valencia, we go.

I was the one to be in charge of our accommodation for three nights long, and I was unhappy for my cheapskate ass. My decision to have all of us booked for a room suitable for two only made the rest of us suffered for additional cost.

Poor me o poor me.
The only good thing about the Airbnb we booked, is that it is located in the city centre. Imagine you go downstairs from your room and you have all the tourist attraction 3 mins walking distance away from where you are standing. The location is very strategic and convenient as well.

But let us focus more on what Valencia has to offer. The surrounding, scenery and their people.

And boi you don't expect this.

Valencia is nothing better but for their freaking oranges. In fact, it is one of the sweetest city I have been. You can never go to other places where orange trees are the part of their town planning scenery. It's like they somehow got a theme, that to me is quite different from any other Europe countries.

Like a cartel-ish themed is I were to say one.

Talking about the beach, with them my bitches... is as well, one of the best thing to have happened in this small city of Valencia. I mean, if it wasn't about the companion, maybe I would just talk about oranges and attach more photos about oranges like there is no other thing better than that.

We just figured out that Valencia is somehow special for their beach called Malvarosa beach. And we glad we didn't use any transport better than a bicycle to the beach... this trip hasn't been better that we went cycling all the way.

The sunny yet breezy Valencia was memorable because of this. As you go cycling around the city, you can see quite many of graffiti as well (I swear I took some photos for this, but I lost all the moment I lost my phone recently). Not to mention the cafes... Valencia has beautiful cafes to hop on. Some cafes are more like a bar than a cafe, but I guess there is nothing wrong to just get into one and try warm coffees or should I say this another time... please try their fresh orange juices!!

and, their traditional Spanish cuisine... Paella! 

I... don't fancy Paella that much. But I must say, it worth a try whenever you come to any part of Spain. I can say the one we had wasn't the best Paella in Valencia, though it's the Valencia is where it originated from. Being told by the waiter, that it took some time to get Paella cooked upon order, maybe the best Paella could as well worth the time you spend on waiting. 

@ Cafe De las Horas

They say, Valencia is just a small part of Spain. And not that I could talk better about Spain as a whole, but only for their Oranges.

...and their fresh seafood, of course.
If you ever come to Valencia, please visit their wet market in the morning. It really reminds me of home, like waking up the earliest morning coz you want to get the best fresh seafoods you can. Well, you can have this in Valencia.

That morning we basically bought big prawns for each of us and some scallops as well. 

**My pro tips, don't forget to ask for bargain. and compare prices between different sellers, because your Asian innocent face could cost you more than you're supposed to pay. haha

We did think we made such a right choice in choosing Valencia as the first of this impromptu trip. and I thank my girl so much that she made video out of this... despite me losing all my memories in the phone, I got it compiled all in one short video. 

now, stay tuned for our next city stop...!

(promise you, the next post won't take ages)