let go and let God

When I speak of Mama 
I would want to speak of her without tears
Though it's wound that never quite heal 
not even with time
For thoughts of her shall not be sad 
She once gave me comfort 
richness of life
all of that were happiness
and kindness
of one's life I should not disregard

When I speak of Mama
I would want to speak of her with proud
That she was the reason of today's strength
Her selfless prayers that worked magic
all my life, and all way the journey of us five
Those are all good stories of her good heart:
Thus, I want to speak of her without tears

When I speak of Mama
Shall I speak of her in the remembrance of God
who made her so perfect 
who now took her away
for Mama's next journey
I pray and shall always pray of her goodness
and safety
to the end of time
till then, my time. 

no words better 
than to let go
then let God. 


"Be sure we will test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives, but give glad tidings to those who are steadfast, who say when afflicted with calamity: 'To Allah we belong and to Him is our return.' They are those on who (descend) blessings from Allah and mercy and they are the once that receive guidance." 

(al-Baqarah: 155)

Al Fatihah

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