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fast forward to our 10th day in Edinburgh, that we finally have settled down while unpacking all those sambals and serundings we brought all the way from home. the fun fact is that me myself also brought 1.5kg of sambal hitam pahang, hope for it to be enough till the 10 months end. it's.... really a long way to go. 

one thing about UK that I found to be different I must say is their service product. IDK if that's to be considered just the English way of working when everything should be done in just proper way. and since my glasses had broken while I had no other choice but to make a new one here; I opted to make an eye test beforehand. while back at home, we can just walk in to the optic store and get into the process instantly; it's different here in UK. first of all, i may need to book an appointment (the eye test session), either by online booking and walk-in booking. during the appointment (this amazes me, somehow) that their eye test is just overall more thorough and detailed, they even had to capture the backside of my eyeball as part of process. It took me an hour or more for it to be done, it was a long process but I extremely amazed with the result however. it's like making glasses is a crucial health product so the process could be very detailed before reaching to full diagnosis of patient's eye condition. 

not to mention, their banking process. setting up a bank account has never been tougher, in UK. as told, I may need to walk in to the physical bank to make my appointment booking beforehand. so basically, UK's service product is taken seriously and in very very proper way (read: can't it just be easier). i am... not complaining (disclaimer) however, I am mostly impressed somehow with how things are done differently here. i found it to be unique, yes.  

since we only have two classes in a week, we spent most of the time exploring Edinburgh; visiting the tourist attraction and treating Princes Street like our second home as there wasn't a single day we hadn't visited Princes Street. It just the interchanging place to another place in Edinburgh. 

here are some photos at Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh; took 2 buses from Clermiston Road. 

till then. 

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