hello Edinburgh!

Hello, Edinburgh! We finally met in person. 

You have always been my dream since ever. Now that we first met each other, I have fallen in love with every part of you, your people and the scenery you offer me. For upcoming 10months, I'm feeling you lively and that you are no longer a dream. Now, a reality. Allah has definitely granted my Dua'. Syukur. 

It was such long hours of journey. We made through the 14 hours flight from KUL to Doha and then finally Edinburgh. It was exciting yet tiring journey as the flight given was packed that I broke my glasses while on the way to toilet, just on the first 7hours of flight. I mustn't that lucky that day. 

We arrived just at the right time when the city has just started their day as early as 7am in the morning. My first view was Costa, and of course I was excited as the last time I had Costa was a cup of latte processed from machine back in Malaysia. This time, it's one lively man-made coffee. 


Let's start my journey to Edinburgh with my deep insecurity as we hadn't secured any homes just yet, we were gambling over limited homes around Edinburgh. Was also in a great opportunity cost, either want to pay less but being far from the uni, or having it less with the offer of unfurnished ones, also paying little bit more with better spacious for house that could cater 5 girls in one place. That was hard, with no phone numbers, no account numbers and just 10days of booked Airbnb; life was terribly unexpected for 10days to come after we first arrived. 

but Allah has eased our journey in a way I have never expected. Edinburgh did welcome us with the warmest greeting ever, that the host of our Airbnb; Geoffrey is very kind at heart that he offered us to just rent the Airbnb we are staying and make it our home for 10 months! and I tell you, we pay below the average rate while having the home too perfect in every aspect. Allah bless. Our Airbnb is just in his house compound which is perfect; it's like you are being taken care of by the local! 

The only opportunity cost now is that, we have to take two buses to University which located in Riccarton.  In average of 30 to 40 minutes from Clermiston Road to get to the campus, I think that is more than enough. I am sufficed. The first bus would stop at the Haymarket just nearby the city centre and then, to Riccarton (read: everyday is a shopping day) 

Talking about food, I think searching for halal food isn't that hard. You can but I won't suggest. Halal food is more pricey and doesn't satisfy my taste bud while I am not even picky when it comes to food.  Grocery shopping is way cheaper here that it'd more preferable to just cook and eat. I never enjoyed home-cooked meal than I am now. Hope to polish everyone's cooking skill while we are here!

The weather is colder than any place in UK I think, though it's still Autumn but we need to sometimes wear 2 to 3 pieces to suit the 11 degree of celsius. Or maybe that's just my Asian skin. 

The best part of all I think, it's our school schedule that we only have 2-days of classes in a week! ...and the rest of the week... well, you know what to do. how to spend... (travelling over the weekend!)

Everything here in Edinburgh is just right so far, we managed to settle one by one with the help of those kind souls. while Allah ease this journey to the end. to more stories in the upcoming 10 months. 

till then, 

Edinburgh- New Town

Edinburgh- Coates

Edinburgh- West End

Edinburgh- The Canongate

and to a great first semester of our final year, 

While waiting for the bus to Riccarton

@Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. 

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