ini raya saya

Raya 2018 is nothing like any other previous years, I can make sure of why. Apart of having only just one kampung compared to two of decades ago, I guess having less is just more. Starting from how I made this year's Ramadan to be really important, so does my Raya. I wanted to feel and see more and just be with more people; those I call 'favourites'. Getting to have smaller circle of friends as I growing up older is no joke at all, that is a real truth that I must keep only what's and who's important. It's either some are not meant for me because they are under-valued to be in the spot, or it's me who are under-valued to be in their life spot. But I am blessed just to have what I have now, I feel almost complete at least to this point.

The story of how I lost my another kampung was a typical one, like others, I had my grandparents left us both in the same year, and that was also a sad memory that eventually we lost not just a kampung as a place to celebrate Raya but also relatives who would regularly visit the house, basically we lost a home both as a physical house and the feeling as well. That is tragic, I am telling you. 

But we moved on. 

We believe bonding must be kept as what it has been, it just sacred. Even so, right after we back from both kampung, relatives did come to our house in Klang. Even those from afar. That's true then air dicincang takkan pernah putus. 

Here are some photos during Raya at Ma's side @ Banting, Selangor. 

1st day of Raya begins...

Women of the house


Grandparents with their grandchildren

 Moreover, I also took chance to meet Sara Fara and Sari on 4th day of Raya, since all of them were yet to balik kampung. Thus we met up. 

Here are some photos with them @ The Depot by JWC 

Baraan is which a group of people going for a visit to beraya (like attending open houses, or merely a visit to bonding) so we did this year, with a bunch of friends exactly on 6th and 10th day of Raya. 

All are friends from high school, such a memory we mesmerise while beraya. 

on 6th day of Raya with desk-mates while in high school

Pardon Boboj, focus on others haha

This proves that the sun was too hot I got natural highlighter

Now this was on 10th day of Raya, still baraan we are. But somehow this one was a little bit different because,
#IniBaraanAdnin and #bukandeekaycrew. Legit hashtags..

Adnin was another class, basically it's Sara's legit class and gang (just to be sure) and I was coming to pick up and meet her to attend Hi-Carl's open house in Shah Alam. But you know I got my best friend such a smart ass, she used me (read: forced me) to as well join her baraan that of course wasn't where I belong to. What to do, a kind-hearted friend such myself won't say no. Of course I'd be joining with first stated that

 'I might have curfews'
'Mak aku confirm suruh balik before 4' 
'Dah jangan paksa aku'

So from hi-carl's house, the adnians were then decided to move on to YB's house, which located somewhere along my way to balik rumah so why not kan. Okay then after that yada yada bang! we were already in the fourth house of the day so basically I was in the baraan of their class eventually! Yeah, expect the unexpected. Coincidence? Well, not so. 

Overall, I think I did miss my school times. 

I.. miss going back to school and, just laugh and laugh and laugh some more until well idk but that life was good. The bond was there, like you don't have to know some people well enough to joke around with no one getting butt hurt. All because we were on the same ground, we look something from one same side, even if we don't, we still cherish the difference. And there was nothing like judgment if someone being more or less, we celebrate the bonding. The best part, you speak sarcasm and they will laugh thinking that was some sort of a joke haha yes.
it was. 

so. this is my raya. 10 days of fun surprises. 

Till next time, all. 

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