dearest you two

To Nuts (our forever favourite 'kacang', duh)
 If there's one thing I want to say first and foremost, that is Thank You; for everything you've given me and just for everything I've taken from you.
How I wished I could give more than what I could, more than you think you must have deserved. 
Knowing you has made me in reflect, you taught how fine to be who I am and just proud to stand and be on my ground despite whatever people would say and whatever people would think of me. 
I learnt to pick up my self identity, while no others friendship has offered me this. 
So on the day you feel less powerful, remember that you have made someone to have found her true self and even live with it, that is just how powerful you have been.
On this day you growing up wiser, I hope for you to always be in cheers and be good.

To Ty (a girl who got her mind some years in advance)
You've turned twenty-two, just so you know shit has got real and we ain't young anymore so please please, be more serious! By serious, I mean you're obliged to spend sometimes easing your mind by colouring some mandalas I got you, be sure to develop the hobby! 
My wish for you on this special day of yours is nothing but the best in everything you do
I pray for all goodness in this world to reach you and may you be happy always.
Thank you for everything we have shared; the random conversations that just about everything under the sun, our endless silly jokes and ofc the challenge you have made me doing (i swear it just hilarious to think how far we've gone our way only to realise all these were just... well a mess but I must say now how much I enjoyed taking up the challenge)
(but it is fine though, as we have nothing to lose here, do we?)

Happy 22nd of birthday both of you, you guys have been an awesome duo to one another! Cheers!

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