Uncle Lim Kedai Buah

I woke up from today's morning, I know it's gonna be just another day. Like yesterday. Like two days before. I hate routine. I hate to continuously doing the same job; completing to-do lists I've set a night before. I am restricted to what I NEED to do, not what I WANT to do. Going to university at the earliest morning, and then get back to home at the latest night. Yes, that felt productive for several first days, but wait till the routine is to be repeated for some weeks-- and then a month! You can barely recognise me as human anymore. Sometimes, I question this life; as is this what I truly want? Am I progressing? Do I just stuck somewhere I can barely move forward?

But I am jealous, of those who do things they love. Those who have chance to make up something out of their passion. Like this one uncle I met yesterday. It's Uncle Lim. You know somewhere when you can get exact similar blended juice like BOOST for about 5 to 7 ringgit, with variety of fruits to choose from (adding up with no extra charge upon special request); I guess that is just FORTUNE. Uncle Lim does offer that. Located in Dengkil: it's Uncle Lim Kedai Buah. 

It is nothing like ordinary BOOST, no fancy banner hanging around the shop. But wait till you enter the shop and just look around over upper wall of the shop; it just so informative. When I first looked at it; I didn't see that as 'marketing'. It is, in fact, a virtue passion. I saw this person's passion all over the shop. For years Uncle Lim has been doing the business, I bet it has made Uncle Lim the MR Know-it-all-about-everything-he-sells. He knows his things well enough, he can give his customers any combinations of fruit juice that are of course customised accordingly to your taste bud and surprisingly would leave you in awe upon just one sip of the drink. 

All of that, has impressed me. My point is, you don't feel like working if what you do is just what you love. Nothing more satisfying than to look forward to another day, doing what you love; out of your deepest passion. Uncle Lim also told me how he has his very own fruit farm, growing his from-scratch business 'stock inventory'. Stock in, stock out are just freshly right from his farm. It is so satisfying by just listening to Uncle Lim's stories. 

When I finally have my own business somedays (which also to be my dream), I aspire to be like Uncle Lim. To do something he loves, so that he doesn't really feel like working. I mean, of course it is not that simple but I hope somedays I could find my true passion and work from that. As of now, though I barely able to do something I love yet, I still can choose to love whatever I do right?

This, I call struggling-to-be-positive-- perspective.

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