Night to remember

dear friend, 
I could still remember when I first met you guys (after college days) in the university on the very first day of university registration, we were settling down our accommodation in the office for Cyberjaya.. that soon to be our place for two years. I saw each of you with such tiring soul but somehow feeling excited insides that things were going back to normal. At least to me, that I still got place to continue my study; pursuing whatever that is left in Auni's big dream box. I bet, you guys were as well. 

Throughout these two years we have had joy times, sad moments, had fight somehow, all just like sibling to one another. I believe we are close by now, in this love-hate relationship we have build in these two years time. I wonder what's inside each of your mind, how you value all these precious thing we have. Do you value the same as how I do?

We almost had it, my friend; but we lost it eventually. And that has lead to this almost 4years of journey together back from the college days to this university years (though it's not all sweet and happy episode throughout) still, this bonding we have is nothing mediocre. So here it is to the friend who has been one call away when it comes to the new invented fried chicken in town, to the friend who complains about my best-need-to-explain jokes but still sometimes laugh at it anyway, to them kiasu friends who compliment how padu you are, but ended up they being even more padu, to the friend who sings loud with you in the car coz paying for karaoke is just mainstream and to many more of you that I (still) can't get enough of; thank you for existing in my journey. 

Tonight, this is OUR night. So here is to celebrate what we have along this journey, the ups and downs and the thrill phase of being accounting undergraduates soon. We have about one year left before we settling down for good career ahead. By that time, any of this photos will just be memories to be reminded along the year we age older and wiser. Tonight, all of you look spectacular in the nice attire you wear. The guys look extra charming, and not to forget the girls all look so beautiful and classy as you guys are. All that you wear comes with good heart, and that matter the most. 

Thank you for the memories we shared.

You are the best and I love (read: am annoyed w/) you to bits and pieces.

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