An Open Book

today's good story starts with my typical anxiety in meeting someone I barely know. but that is just what I have always wanted to do for a long time. now that this is the time thus fuck you anxiety, let me get focused!

'I was about to call you. In 5mins I'm arriving.'

and then, the rest of the story is just a history.

It was all in Auni's plan, when all she wants is just whatever she wants. I thought, this is a mere meeting with just another random guy and gladly, it was. Nothing so spectacular but it was a great day to be written in Auni's journal. Give her a way.

It was the second day of April, it took out somewhere in the town she currently lives at. Since Auni is so good at planning, she has chosen the coffee shop she never went to as the place of meeting. It is crucial somehow, to make a discovery day a real discovery day. That it means, it's not just about Auni discovering a new book to read but the ambiance she was about to go to must also be a new story for her to tell.

All new, all fresh to start a day.

An intellectual companion that could lead intellectual conversation is everything she looks for today, but it doesn't necessarily to be that rigid (though). She has acknowledged that every man comes in a unique different package. Thus, intellectuality should not be the focal point but merely a first impression to look into. And the guy she met today, is believed to have the potential she has been look for.

Today, she felt good because of the courage she took earlier in the morning. She felt good for a go she took earlier in the passed few months. She felt good that she have not (even a day) losing her self value even after her few heartbreaks in life. It's not about who she meets today, nothing close to heart thing anymore. She is free to not be bound with any heart attachment anymore.

All she got is herself, with no other's judgement needed. All she wants to listen and tell is a good story. And she realised a cup of cappuccino somehow could taste spectacularly unusual, differs from the one she had by herself.

All it takes is a good faith, and good perspective that somehow detachment could make her enjoy her story more.

Are you happy?
i am happy.

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