question what you're questioning

The mind has lost its focus this recent days. It must have been the pressure that comes in bulk; basically a combination of tonnes of assignments, mid-term test and the weightage mark each carries-- all results to the pain in my ass.

Not just that, reality and truth really are another cancer to my peace and solace I've been reserving for myself. I made myself listen to too much of negativities; to the point I can't hold it anymore.
I wanted to scream so loudly, just like the shallow brooks. For they babble the loudest.

I questioned my own prejudice towards people who got this thing I rather called 'power'. I made myself questioning even deeper how actually that thing could affect people stance and their imaginary shallow mind of thinking that 'power' could increase ego-feeding, while lessen the sense of humility. What is this World I am living in?

Maybe I was wrong, but I pray harder to God for the day I gain power I won't be forgetting in fact being more in reminding. That anything could be snatched back in no time, and there is no use even for humble bragging. Maybe I was right, that I never had chance of owning, thus I never know how would I react. But crossing over material things in our life, if to brag of all those making you happier and richer; therefore your life probably isn't much else to it.

To be honest, that's poor.

To be poorer is though by owning things, you still have no time to ponder and look upon those who are below you. To think that you've got the power and let it consume you. That is just the poorest among all the poor in this life.

Someone may just be capable and you don't have to ask why and how; let alone to justify. What more, to give your personal opinion; or should I be more specific that it is much closer to judging.
You just, do not own the right.

Stop questioning other's capabilities. You know nothing.

You know nothing

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