The prologue of a tale

A continuation of this previous post. 

'I made up my mind. I finally figured out. That, somehow, something's going not right. I mean, it doesn't necessarily to be right or wrong though.

But I believe, it just the feeling I am talking about now. Dare to say it's not true, for I am more than heartfelt to claim the state of you and me. Thus, tell me, how are you feeling, Jason?'

Jason just stood there for a minute, he looked calm. This time, his calmness isn't like the usual; more of having things structured in his mind. He looks as he wants to say something,
so then he says

'There's no way you cannot be true, this time. I have deeply think over and over, I must not in well state of mind to say that I don't like you. In fact, I do.

But Orked, I must be too afraid to pour my heart out for you, and for us. Clearly, for your side of view, if you have the same positive feeling as I do, let's make it work through time. I would like to wait; for us to be true.'

'That's the loveliest and honest words to be heard. Let us, Jason. Let us.'

Orked smiles and then continues

'But I have some worries inside my heart. We are going places, and far from one another. Would things be fine, after all? What could happen then?'

Jason presses his lips together. They have been sitting side by side, leaning against the back of his couch, but now he moves away from her; trying to think of something. Silence filled the room.

'I don't know. We don't know either. But I have faith that things are going to be just fine. For from your eyes, I see my future. From your smile, I picture our potential. There is a good thing waited for us in future, I believe. Worry no more, Orked.

We take things slowly. Shall we?'

And.. that was the start of everything. The night that wasn't just about declaration but likely a promise to stay true. To love from the bottom of each other's heart. To discover the magnificent of love, to always know that they are all not alone. They have each other's back after all.

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