half of year to the land of whites

It's still a dream, at least to this day.
That we all are still hoping, to feel the winter, to touch tulips during spring, to immerse the emotions during summer, and yet to be surrounded with whites and diversity of the World.
Life has always been a journey, and mine is a transition from a place to another. 
The age after 17 was the long age, but fast in motion. 
I met faces, i knew names, i shared stories.

Millions of them, sometimes trillions of them. 
I might miss this chance again. I might pass this one with success, somehow.
It all perhaps. But it sure passes my control.
I know where to go, what to do, what to expect.
I am in super controlled. By my own hands, and my own thoughts.

Nothing to lose, yet I have everything to gain. 
That's at least pretty much sums up this stage of age. 
I am sufficed. 

This is for closing up of the stage when it is left by half of year to the land of whites;
and diversity of life. 

Till then. 

@ Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia

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