on that day I met Morello guy

I was tired back then, kept positioning my body for sleep but the eyes just couldn't doze off. Like something wasn't settled, so I picked up my phone from somewhere under pillow to (you know) doing some 'research' on twitter. Rt this. Rt that. Until I stumbled upon one tweet that a 'free' event will be held, and the morello guy will be coming; any better deal? I must go, I said to myself.

But it is in kl. 

And I'm newbie in driving, the farthest I go was somewhere in Shah Alam. I did some waze and google, well 40mins away without jam distraction to be estimated. Do I have the courage? Yes. 
Do I have time? Well, not really, but I can manage.  
It's free, though. 
So, I signed up for a ticket. 
Leaving my part-time job commitment behind, off I go, the next morning. 

Projek Wanita Malaysia Summit 2017. 
That is as what being told from the banner. I imagined, there must be a large crowd of young feminist to come. Where do I fit among those strangers. Do I know enough, to be among those feminists? 

There were some workshops, all that I already know about. But one thing I didn't know was that, there are options. One gotta choose one, because all will be held in the same time. 

My first question to the receptionist was that, 
"Alright, so which workshop that will have Redza Minhat to be in? I'm going for that." 
Pardon my 'fangirling' part, I just couldn't help it. 
So happened to be, there were none. No workshop with the morello guy, unless the after lunch session. Well, that's fine. I think I'll just go with things I know about, and things I want to know more about. 

Cancer. Erm, meh
Early Childhood. Boring.
Bias Busting. What's that, again. 
Soft skills. Okay, sounds better. 
Education. Aha, i think i fit this one. 

Got my nametag and sticker with me, I went to the mezzanine floor, for breakfast, as what being told. 
I've been to this kind of place, I whispered in mind. The same familiar feeling I got when my parents sent me for cuti-sekolah camp while I was kid. The same environment as when I joined pre-departure camp a year ago, the same I had, when I joined Debathink a month ago. 
This is the ocean of strangers, I've been to this one before. More and more of me having it, I can say it's kinda addictive. 

I know, today gonna be great. 

I picked some refreshments, and then wandered around to find a nice table so that I can fit somewhere, the sooner the better. 
And then, I met Angel; 25 years old chinese girl working at Cimb bank.
And then Sara and her friend Shazz; both are working colleague to one another.
And then Anitha, is working somewhere at Jabatan Kebajikan after leaving her job in banking sector. 
And then, Fara, a financial planner the same way as what Dibby is doing. 
Iman, the girl studying in US doing microbiology. 
And some more, a girl who has just graduated from Jordan University and is waiting for gov call her to serve the nation in dentistry.
And the list goes on, and on. 
Until names and ages don't matter at all, but the story they tell us. The experience, they share. What not most important, their perspective. Their way of thinking and seeing things. 

I smiled this whole day. I was wrong, the crowd coming isn't too much in numbers. But sufficient enough to recognise faces and to be the focused audience. The positive vibes are too strong, I felt like home. You see, you came into a table and one started talking an issue, the others nodding and sometimes interrupting, while sharing. Without first had chances to ask names, and 'where are u come from', 'what are u doing in life'. 

I don't know, I just think that I came into the right place. Talking to the right people. For awhile, I almost forgot where did I come from, all my life commitments that sometimes giving me headache. 
For awhile, we all pondered upon so many things. But in such mannered and diversified way. You name it, we talked about politics at work, our strengths and weaknesses, how do we deal with problems, how do we heal from routine and brokenness, how do we motivate ourselves, the system, this real issue of feminism, the sucks patriarchy system, how equal is never the same to similar and so much more. 

And then as promised, morello guy did come. Unlike any other vvips, he got his aura too strong that he came on time. He wore pink shirt accompanied with dark blue suits; such a fine taste in garments he got there. Not to mention, a red rose pin on his left side of the suit. What kind of a persona this man is, sitting not more that ten metres away from me also can make my heart flatters. You see, he's more fairer in real life. By fair, I mean brighter as seen on the television. Or is it just me? 

I'll be writing more on #thiswomancan, without the distraction of this fangirling over morello guy. But that's considered a package, right? Intentionally coming all the way to KL for morello, and all the other positive things then followed me. 

That's why I've been telling you people, he is, such an aura. 
Ok ok, I'll stop. Till later, soon. 

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