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I pass through buildings, streets, houses and elevators; while mesmerizing the moments I once had. 
For days, it went through like that. Like routine. 
And in most probable consequences, routine leads to boredom. In the end, one thing you are going to nag about is that "I'm tired. I need a break. A hiatus. Before I start again." 

At least, that summarises my life now. A working girl. Not a big career one, more of having things to juggle everyday. Having to follow someone's directions, and give best every time. The best in a way I shall start to call it 'passion'. Passion makes my thing easier, at least I know I'm doing something I love. And for that, I enjoy. Apart from the routine I'm keeping, I'm blessed to be surrounded with such unique people at the place I work at.

RajKumar is my bossy colleague. He's from Nepal but got the face of typical handsome Pakistani since he's quite fair-skinned and somewhat, nice looking. Since the first day I enrolled as the barista, he kept giving me things to-do. Of course, at first, I took that positively as instructions. But after weeks, he still keeps telling me what to do, until I got very cringed. He treats me as if I haven't learn anything since the day one. I was hoping he could let me just do my things, and get me to be more independent. It went weeks like this 

"Auni, have you prepared this one?"
"Why didn't you change this one?"
"It's 10 already, you can start do the calculating."
"Why didn't you clean this up?" 
"This, auni."
"That one, done?"

Until one day, I got myself into argument with him. I told him how I wasn't like to be over instructed, and I know my work quite well. I even sarcastically complaint how he's too nerdy and strict. I told him how he should sometimes praise me over good works I've done instead not continuously complain over things I do bad, I was technically "teach" him. Well, the argument turned out quite well. He listens and I sense he starts to make change in the way he treats me, which is good. 

Till after some days from the day we argued, I learnt from another colleague that he's actually our supervisor. The most trusted person of the most big boss. Lol  what did I say to him again?

But that's also the thing I learnt from most of foreign workers who come here to work, they are very obedient and dedicated to their work. They take complaints and critics very seriously, that they improvise over time. In fact, I must claim that they got the eyes of an optimist and the soul of a realist. Which what I adore most. 

Krishna on the other hand, is a helpful colleague. At times when RajKumar putting me into such hard times, Krishna will come helping me like a rescue. I also learnt on how he's full of courtesy, by that he never forgot to say "thank you" every time I pay him back with the help I offer, like his natural habit to say thank you even for one little tiniest of kindness. Though, it just actually my "the kindness you gave, and the kindness I return back". 

They don't speak malay, most of the time. The only words they know is "terima kasih" and "datang lagi". Though both of the words they know have got them confused sometimes with the translation of "welcome" in english. 

There was a time when a customer come into the shop and they 'welcome' them with "terima kasih" 
"datang lagi" 


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