To be out of the comfort zone

I must be out of my comfort zone 

Years ago, I was a girl who people around would call as inspiring and motivating. Well, until today they still would call me the same as if they know me well enough. In fact, I would like to claim here that I was a coward and still is; in bringing the best out of me. Tonight, I want to remembered how I could always do more and never get satisfied with what has been done. Instead, there are a lot of adventures to be discovered and to be challenged by my own self. 

Who am I? What have I done? How could I do more? 

Throughout this year's Ramadhan, I must say I've done less than what I was supposed to do and now that I regret every opportunities I missed. 

This is life, I mean the real one I guess. I'd like to project how I miss when the life was super scheduled as when I was in highschool and those times during alevels in mkic. I miss those days that I grab every chance like there wouldn't be tomorrow and a what-if-there-is-no next year's Ramadhan to experience as motivation. 

I am struggling these days, to be honest, to be better and the best I could have been. Time does fly little bit faster than the old times. Dunya is getting older, I am getting lazier; what have I done. 

Life has been tough, not objectively. It's more about struggles to be out of the comfort zone. 

I must be out of the comfort zone. 

Somedays on the Ramadhan, I met the crush. He is in fact more outstanding in real life than as what has been pictured in the social media. Such a generous young man he is, I was in awe when the first time seeing him spoke to us as the participants. It was a debate session, like a tutorial and theory class of what should a speaker highlight while speaking to crowd. Such a beneficial thing i did throughout the day. 

As the class coming to its end, I pondered upon how I'm so lack and never even close to perfection and enough. I shall be remembered to always seek knowledge for that's how I can be more humble and be more knowledgeable to have true truth in a righteous structured way; not just having thoughts freely without a proper framework. 

Thank you, Saadiq. 

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