Ode to the guy I once loved

What you need; isn't me
Nor my care, nor my intelligence
Nor my love, nor my independence
What you need; isn't just me
I mean, just not me.

What you need; isn't me
Nor my joke, nor my sarcasm
Nor my solitude, nor my confusion
Your summarised statement has confide---
That what you really need; just isn't me

You weren't hurtful
Even if you were, I don't think you wanted that 
But it did make my heart shatters
It sure did my mind wanders
Over July of the last year, where you bring me to the happiness I didn't deserve
To the path of love I didn't serve
Along days and months I have cried too many sunrises
All of this just because the business was about; 'what does a nice girl truly deserve?'

I can almost understand now
Of why and how
Of you drifting to my life and then slowly discarding my initial stand
Just like how empires and old loves end
and so are we, my once-loved man

Myself; isn't what you need
So be it
For myself has been too explosive
And it has been about time that indecisive
but more about patience like the story of beautiful Eve
Now "I am not what you need"; is what I have to receive--
And then, just leave.


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