Inside the cake shop

I adore cups, saucers, and the noises of spoon, fork and dinner knife when they are being thrown out in the kitchen for washing. Those plates that once a while making people felt less hungry and at ease. For dinner they had was a family gathering they have missed so long to have. And the cake they chose was an agreed choice by everyone, so all of them could feel the same good feeling; happiness.

Look wider, look wider.
See the uncle who came for tea time but having a long black coffee instead. Alone like he's waiting for somebody to entertain. Or maybe, it's not anybody, but himself. He's wandering over himself as you can see.

At the cake counter was a queue. Well not a long one, but suffice to make anybody in anxious in waiting for their turn to speak out. Some prefer chocolates, some just stick to cheese and fancy flavour like 'fruitilicious'. You see, they are the same; bringing one desire to bring happiness and to light their loved ones' face with smile. Nothing have I seen to be extra positive such that. God bless their soul for being kind to their loved ones.

God bless this one husband's soul for asking such mad request in wanting 45 candles
"I want the cake to be written 'Happy Birthday My Lovely Wife' "
"I want 45 candles, because she's 45"
And, a loving son in one side, to be honest. Driving his motorcycle all the way to get one chocolate cake because the mother was a definite chocolates fan.
"Alright, sure that chocolate cake."
"Is it that big? Coz I only drive my motorcycle. Ok anything for that choc cake"
Just after having his message passed to the cake writer saying "Happy Birthday Mom's" ---- forget somehow about the grammar error; focus more on his subject haha.

I'm sure feeling so blessed to have been seeing this unpopular scenery of people coming in amd out just to bring happiness to some other else's souls. How blessful.
This same view you can see when you go to gift shop and party planner.

Is sure, everywhere.
You just haven't found it, true, yet.

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