to the guy who makes me wait

To the guy who makes me wait 
You would want to ask me why and how 
Somedays, somehow, you would want to know 
But now, 
Let us be frank, simple and, be easy 
For that is what I am capable of doing 
As this is a part of my liking
Towards you, in being here, spending my leisure in waiting. 

To the guy who makes me wait
You would want to know, why
Either less or more, look through my eye
You would know, how this is made
How this decision finally to be in state 
Of where I am firm and not being hesitate
How should you read me, shall you know how.

It may burn me
This waiting might burn me
Somedays, somehow when I am about to losing the courage
So now depends, for I am not among prophets and saints
My limitation somedays, somehow might come to numerous ends
be humble, despite do not just be gamble
By God's guidance, have a plan 
From state to state
In bringing this undefined feeling
To one final upcoming 
Upon awakening and under the Divine wing, 
Learn, my darling, on how to end this waiting. 


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