i'd be your writer

That's me; the brave girl who has fight way too long to reach this point
to be able to believe again, and 
to trust again
and that I chose you not because--
you are nothing flawed, or because 
you are anything bold
you are just you, your well-defined self
you are, the package of you as the one that I chose
despite, the intricate nature of yourself
despite, my heavy mind and impulsive heart
I made myself to choose you
despite various of options 
with all my reasons
you are chosen; for the logics I couldn't count
and for the sake I couldn't mount
you were, nothing all days before now
but today, you are the main actor in my story
the prologue I've produced at one page line 
the epilogue I'm about to have at end of time
this tale, you see, I'm about to tell--
is the journey of wanting and desiring
more or less about giving
sometimes, requires taking while-- loving
I may need some cooperations, a good persona acts in this story made
I may want you to stay, under this spotlight I've prepared
between my vulnerability and the courageousness of mine
for it has always been you in this insane mind
so be the role, be my hero
be this story's actor,
be my knight in shining armour
but do not just act, be more of real you --instead
be patient, for it's about to aim
for you to be the role in my world of main
be honest, for it's about to begin
for you to be the persona in this entire theater till the end
stay cool, my dear; I'm the best writer
and the best fit to make you the better
be nearer, i won't harm nor scare 
do not be in fear, instead be in my care
promise, this hand is made safe
so that's now as you have to believe and behave
trust, for I'm one of fantasy's best writers
made up of the best characters
i would create you stories and long letters
and for in all seriousness and madness,
I borne to be your ultimate writer, 
something for you to cherish, for no one luckier to have me but--
you as my tale's warrior. 


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