You don't call yourself a poet

You don't call yourself a poet 
For writing rhythms and poems 
For poet is more than just about making a book of phrases 
And you are no one but the acting pieces 

You don't call yourself a poet 

For giving people an idea of wise words 
For poet is more that just about giving and inspiring 
You are still that plain Jane who would prefer to sit alone at the time of spring 

Poets were legendary 

They were the endless art of precisions
They were gems one couldn't realize when just be looked at first 
And for variety of masterpieces 
they would be producing out of leisures
They are still no one
But the hidden ghost that is scary in being written 
That is hideous in being seen
That is magnificent in being felt
They are everything and everywhere
that lay in the layers of skin
And when it's the time of gloomy 
They would show up
In everything and everywhere.

Still, they don't call themselves a poet

They are just not less
than those from the typical sad writers. 

- A.Y. 

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