Friends we keep

As I grow up, I realize of how I've been getting lesser and lesser friends. By friends I mean someone more closer, not necessarily someone who has been long ago in my contact list. Sure, they are still friends I used to call 'friends', but this one I stress more on those souls I rarely meet but nevertheless we never get lost in connection. They are those people I keep in mind and heart. Those cliques I want to listen to their story once in awhile. And those people I would dare to spend them hours writing an appreciation essay for their upcoming birthday. 

I know those people who used to be so close with me, and now that they are no one but just another person in my contact list. Also, I know those people I used to bump into one another awkwardly because they were just no one but strangers, and suprisingly they are now those people I want to eye-into-eye when I just need someone to talk to; they sure are like my happy pills.

I miss my friends, somehow. All of them; those that are far, and near. Just those people I used to joke around and had laugh together like we never had tomorrow. I miss my group of girls I used to lepak with especially those aspuri(s). I miss my silat cliques as well; those black in wear women who are not just competitive but dramatic at times (we all are dramatic). I miss my male friend I used to contact continuously throughout my highschool time; and now that (where are you?). I miss my deskmates of four; because I swear no sadness could be forgotten while with uguys. I miss those of my friends whom I talk to them very minimally but they are those people who would gather around just to have some inspirational conversations together. 

I miss my very best friend; the one I've known since form one in highschool. 

You know who you are. How you meant so much to me and my life. I hope to meet all of you, from time to time; sharing everything we've had in our own life path and just having a wise conversation together. I'm looking forward to such times; I promise. 

You see, we have bunch of people we call "friends". We may fit them into some categories or groups; but which of them would you (really) want to keep? 

Which of them you really want to save into your heart? 

As for me, as long as positivity are within them; I would dive through the ocean just to bear them into my mind and life. For as long as positivity are within them, I don't mind to sacrifice my time for moments --
Such this one; 

{just wanna have this photos saved in this blog. }


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