Bah's lecture

That night was intense. We were on the way to cyberjaya, and Bah was mad about alien. There was an issue back at home and the issue then been dragged to car and there goes Bah throwing out all everything that were in his mind while in the journey.

Bah has always like that. When he speaks, all everything will stop. While me, my mind went wandering around haha. I prefer to ignore and stay in peace though you know, it was an intense journey because Bah seems to not stop talking. By talking, i mean nagging. 

But I was triggered when Bah speaks about something that was to me really opens up my eyes. And my mind then stop wandering around and then eventually get focused. 


Bah starts to lecture us about sufficiency and how do we ask from Allah to have cukup rather than anything else. 

"When asking dua' from Allah, do not just asking for endless wealth, prosperity and something materialistically and in specific. Despite, ask for kecukupan in everything He'd give you." 

Well, I had something to further ask but I kept silent. Just hoping that Bah would continue his lecture. 

And then he continued. 

He justified of what has been said by stating "because we do not know how much we need of something to reach our sufficiency. There are people that Allah has given them such something that is so wealthy and rich but they don't feel cukup with what they held. They wanted more, they weren't in peace at heart because their self always desiring for more and more. They don't feel sufficed." 

Then, ask Allah to give you sufficiency to suffice you. 

We do not know ourselves as much as God knows us. He creates us so perfectly that to Him back we shall seek security and protection from the bad desires of ourselves. 

This is just an extra input as guidance for us to ask Dua' from Allah. However, it is still our obligation to always thank Him for anything He'd give. Make it something more or less, have gratitude towards Him. Always. 

Bah also said "it is fine, if Allah didn't answer your prayers today. You have five times daily to ask from Him. In fact, you have forever to ask for the thing you want. Keep asking and be desperate in asking. You can give up with anything but not with Him."

Thank you Bah, now I can go back to Cyber peacefully. 

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