Poem for a matter

"Love is so short, forgetting is so long." - Pablo Neruda 

Tonight that I shall be writing for you 
Like a girl who has long waiting for the lover 
Like a kid who has been so excited to be kissed by his mother 
Like the moon glows at night when it has completed the circular
To this day, to this night, at all kinds, I shall be writing for you. 

That it's time, that I must put this to an end 
That I shall no longer be writing for you 
Because the girl has just given up 
Because the kid has no longer wanted for the kiss kind of affection 
Because the moon has learned to be faded 
Because at all kinds, you wouldn't come to read and be mattered. 

I open my eyes and I write somehow
To you that wouldn't come, 
A simple poem to be heartened by your mindless mind
A historic of myself in neglecting the fact you'd never be mine 
Of this bitter day that full with wrongness and weeps 
Upon this night's long fatigues
I shall just be forgetting you. By now. By this point of time. 

Like we never had a hello, I shall not end this with a goodbye
This one shall then be a secret leaving. Till never, my dearest

- AY, 2.21 am

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