Once in awhile

It was a clumsy girlfriends meeting; a typical one you may say but this time one is joined with some random pals. Basically a trio of the day. We took a quick drive to the place. Well, it was a random place picked. Just the place where you know you can have a light chitchat and costs you less bucks.

Cheapskate as you may think, well cheapskate is smart. 

One thing about girls not meeting up for awhile is that; they would get super awkward the first 10 minutes. But by just keep talking about just anything and everything, and and get ourselves chitchat-ive from minute to minute, we would then get the mood. The mood; that we are actually connected and comforted. Of course, we were once connected. So it won't be as hard as it seems, ay? 

This is, by fact, a nature. Once told in a book. 

Facts lived my life. Though not entirely until the theories just won't do anymore, that I might need references. (Well, girls always need references) Thus, by having those active brains and emotional hearts to stress you sometimes; it such a help. Haha. 

We thought we would've barely survived those 2hours of talking while facing to one another, but these girlfriends can actually go aggressive. They needed a day, well at least a night long. Gossiping just cant be stopped, when everything has just about to start! There's too many things not being talked, just yet. Lock us a night, thus a sleepover at Fieqa's. Yay.  

A chitchat. A movie kinda night. A sleepover of trio. We were getting lifeless, we gone live. Haha. 

Being 21 years old girl, living in the most busiest town in the city; well sure life was always a dramatic scene everytime. At least, to us. Juggling around with assignments and life issues, well life is indeed a long tiring journey. (Fun fact: girls always have issues) (we re just cool liddat) Thus, sharing session has always been a golden! 

But. There's a (but), still. This long tiring journey is meant for people of wisdom. And your conscience cant be kept, but to be validated. Asking opinions, not because you are not so much confident. But you are expected to look wider. And deeper. You need someone to agree, as well you need someone to make you disagree. Sometimes. You cant be right all the time. 

At least, not when saying "men are all the same". 

We've grown up wiser, my dear friends. I am blessed to be corrected. I am blessed to be wronged. Thank you, for the least of being true yourself. 


(Have you ever get wondered what actually being talked during girlfriends meeting?)

Well, yes. We talk nothing, but everything under the sun. Just Everything. 

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