About Time

It is, indeed all about time. Of by this minute, I chose to put my glasses on, my cup of coffee asides and all the assignments that are in due away from this study table. I chose to write this 'what I talk about when I talk about; About Time'. I don't do movie review. Not occasionaly. However, this time, I chose to write one, thus moving on to now that I'll be writing the reflection of this movie had on me. 

The movie starts with how Tim at his twenty-one finally be informed about the fact that every man in his family can actually travel in time. The very ordinary orange guy as Tim can actually travel in time; such a definite miracle for a guy who all he wants at that particular time; is love. 

Nah, this won't work. 
But well, I won't review much about how the story goes from one part to another, in fact, I would tell how the movie has got me thinking of something something. 

Honestly speaking, I hate the idea of the movie. It is, in every way, unrealistic; the time travel theme is just nonsense and fucked up. If such thing as time travel does really exist, I would call it as unlogical miracle. And miracle, in the very least of possibility ever, things as magical as that won't just happen. I prefer to stand firmly to the nature of life, its ever changing season that not even one moment can be repeated. One mistake commit, then all it takes to correct it is by never repeating the same mistake. Maybe, this is how the idea of Curtis comes; that mistake shouldn't be repeated but at the replay of the same particular moment. Such a brilliant Curtis. 

All those fantasy potrayals throughout the movie have got me thinking that Tim's love story from the very beginning is somewhat, a fraud. 

Tim has lost his chance once, thus what makes the love true if even by the beginning he already knew what to-do and what not-to? Tim already knew Mary from his first encounter, thus what makes their story true even by the beginning Tim has earned such an extra bonus point of knowing the details of Mary's favourites? 

For Tim to build his ultimate true love story with his girlfriend, quite numerous play and rewind process need to take place thus making me irritated on how true their love story is. However, everything comes in limit. Tim can only change anything he wants before the born of his child, or else he couldn't anticipate the aftermath consequence, this has made Tim to be wise in every decision he might take. Now, this is quite a lesson, that it then requires Tim to be more wiser, smarter and selective in every action he might choose. 

Apart from those play-and-rewind development of plots, I preach for the side themes this movie tries to deliver. The love of family; I find this as classic. Every minute spent by this well-defined perfect family of Tim got me feeling "how beautiful this life could be". Such time spent with loved ones was just too precious, and later after they left us for death, nothing else we could do rather than mesmerizing those old good times once together before. 

In fact, from his very first hit movie Love Actually, I just know damn right that Curtis would always have extra something through his masterpiece. And this About Time is nothing more but another masterpiece of his. Thank you to the one that suggested, that I actually enjoyed myself. 

All in all, out of 10, I personally would give this movie 7 solid. 

 (If by chance, I could travel in time, would I do it?) 

(( Yes, but not to correct any mistakes I've done. 
I would, because sometimes there are times when my life felt so fucked up that I just hope to have the million years to be back and make its rewind. Million years ago; is how I call the past (duhh the number) because both of my present and future could be so hurtful to be living in. I had everything before (not literally) but all those things that suffice my capacity of happiness. I long for comfort I was once had, my laugh without hesitation and my smile that literates the truth as none of concealing.  I miss Ma, I miss when Dibby was still a bachelor and all the friends  I had that I know would always be the only one call away. I miss those times when I feel so secure and excited about days to come. I miss those times when people say they love and they really mean it through words and actions. I miss to have those shoulders that promised to be offered and really be there when I'm in need of one. I miss the truthness of faces that stay with me all the time. For now; it's all confusing that are they really those who would do all their actions through words. I'm suffocating of all the promises they made. ))

All over again, it's about time. I gotta go, and move on. 

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