you like who you like

if you're a follower of the series and its full sequel of sepet by yasmin ahmad; then you'll find this statement to be so familiar. it was told by orked when being questioned by her bestfriend regarding orked's interest to like jason; the chinese boy she happened to meet in pasar malam while looking for takeshi kaneshiro's new movies.

it goes like this; 

"so why jason"
"idk. you like who you like la"

i've come to think that we all are like that. when being questioned the reason we like something or someone;we begin to structure and create an answer. either it's something physical or just an abstract one. however, it is ourselves that have the capacity to validate the answer we'd give.

we owe the explanation.

in the end, it will prolly be endless. because on top of every answer given, we begin to agree that 'you like who you like'.

at least, that's definite.

you don't fall in love with your ideal type. 

it's who you fall in love with, becoming your ideal type

because after all, and before anyone else; 
"you like who you like lah"

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