I say to them;
"I don't wait. I know how to be smart at this."

But, internally, I did wait. 

And today, I don't have to anymore. Someone has just came back, someone that I possibly would wait even for an entire life. I doubt my says, somehow. 

This day, I remembered of how those nights I kept talking to wall and instantly got a respond from the noises of fan. On this same day, I remembered of those nights when I thought that the dark night could eventually rise anytime soon. And, I remembered of those moment I got stumbled, nearly fall down to earth. 

As a girl who has been bruised by life lessons, I can't live my life without further expectations. Not a day, I can live my life without having a benchmark for them to tick on. And today, of this same day, I learnt that I always have to learn. 

No one is the same. No one is created similar. Every of each comes as a handy book, to be read. To be discovered, throughly. And how awful I could be as a person for thinking that they are all the same? 

Thus, shame on me. 

I shouldn't be lazy on this. This time one's worth forever. At least, for this time being this one deserves an exact amount of chance, the same definite focus from my side eternally. I should not be too vicious for expecting something that was never in someone's capacity. I should then, be fair enough. 

An unconditional understanding is thus, expected. 

Of all other things I might be expecting in future time, I shall get them buried. And I, in today's new reflection, promise, to see the good in you.

I prefer to see the good in you, my dear. 

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