The "dont read" series #2

Here goes me writing this after discovering such significant most logical reason to justify almost everything that later has brought me to a new perpective of something something. Like the pain that triggered my madness and sanity, I've always thought that logic is just a man-made senseless ideology. And something said aren't meant to be true all the time. It is, on one hand, subjected to some factors. Prolly because none of us is identical. Rhetorically, we are a just slave of theories and mad statements in proving truthness of something. Pages by pages; it brought me into a conclusion. That I finally have found a reason. Coz boy listen, girls just need a reason. For whatever you may say, silence to us also do mean an answer. But boy, this girl is super smart and that she reads a lot. She reads a lot, she assumed you assumed she would always have known everything. Well, that's when you are wrong, dude. Boy say no more, you sure you are from mars? 

Be in your cave for lifetime, coz boy listen;  I dont care. Im done. 

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