I hope you live a little louder in this new year

In this new year; I hope you'll take the most risky decision to challenge you
In by choosing me. Though this is hard to be explained either through my words or by your way of understanding; let us follow the flow by staying still in whatever we feel about ourselves. I would say that, you are always true with your feeling and whatever you think inside mind; and so am I. Either it's by choosing me or not, either it's the travel trip around Europe or just anywhere in the world; just go for it. It is in these hard moments that we could grow wiser and at most. So I hope that you decide to challenge yourself in this new year.

Know that your mind and body, and everything that's you; are more powerful than what you think it is. You are; indeed more magical than you think it seems.

In this new year I hope you say yes to alot of beneficial stuffs
Say yes to stay connected with your loved ones you haven't meet for months. Say yes to start a conversation with strangers you find walking by. Say yes to even more sleepless night to learn new things and discover great thinkings. Say yes to join a new hobby. Say yes to try new food you haven't taste since ever. Say yes to opportunities. Say yes to challenges. Say yes to chances. Just all, because you deserve it.

Say yes because by saying yes you would end up knowing rather that spend your lifetime wondering of what could have happened.
Say yes to me.

In this new year, I hope you go for what you want
I hope you stop the second thought and all the what-if(s). You just need to leave everything behind and go to fight for what you want. Either it's as simple as your want to buy a new guitar or a dream you've been living in, even a future you've been believed in; go for it.

I hope you stop holding back. For life, is too short for being hesitant all the times. Put on your confidence coat and take a step forward.

In this new year, I hope you are fearless
Stop thinking that you might not ace it. Infact, you will. You will reach the destination, eventually. You will be graduating just right on time. You will succeed.

Use your head to think, and i hope, you listen to what your heart says; too.

In this new year, I hope you live louder
I hope you would smile often and wider. I hope you would laugh more. I hope you would stop hanging to negativity; because you deserve to be happy by feeling happy. I hope you surround yourself with people that make you feel alive and loud. I hope you could inspire anyone that pass by you; at wherever you go. I hope you speak out whatever you've been thinking, I hope you have the courage to say out loud for whatever you feel or think.

You deserve attention. You deserve to be heard.

I hope you live louder, shiner and brighter.

I got your back, my dear. Go, discover your life.

Happy new year.

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