Volunteering @ HWUM

My first volunteering. It was such a well spent day. Tiring but, satisfying I must say.

One thing about attending a private university is that; joining a club or society is never a compulsory. So here comes the tough time to decide either to go for one or not. Joining for one might be quite troublesome as you are restricted for commitment like attending weekly meeting and what not. While on the other hand, if I don't go for one I would always have this thought of what is the motive of attending university if you still want to be prisoned in your own pace without mixing around with others? 

I mean, here comes the exciting part when you can connect with more people and enlarge your horizon.

So let's be wise in choosing. I rather not joining any clubs but guess what, I dare to choose volunteering in any activites that any clubs offer. Dude, i got free hands here come give me works! 

Moving on;

The plan was to build a mini library in this little yet nice kampung of orang asli not so far away from the university, located in Dengkil. 

In promoting the goodness and benefit of reading to those bright children; was never an easy task especially when the place that needed to be fixed was actually an abandoned house. Imagine the transformation we ought to do from a very long times ago abandoned house to a kind of place that suitable enough for those children to be in the world of knowledge. But again, that's the point of us being there; to literally clean up everything and putting in the whole new image of decent place so that they can read and learn new things. 

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed with those brightest smiles of those children that were willing to help us building the library. Those smiles, to me, are so familiar. They remind me of Jiji, Anis and Jimmy ; those bright kids from Pasir Raja in Terengganu a year before. Lel I miss Terengganu times. 

Nothing much about the cleaning part except the part when we found a dead snake in the store in the house. Scary much, even scarier than the part when there were 2 big rats coming out from a stake of the abandoned stor in this one section of the house. 

That was the first phase of everything, well it is to be continued from time to time. And you can't be suprised because this is the first and the last. 

Coz you know, tiring lah! 

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