"Education" ; as what they call it

While in trying to fit myself in this most tech-advanced millennium era with all the issues of all around the world are just in between tips of fingers; I decided to check the "whats in" todays. And in most decent way the medium told me the most trending issue in order of hierarchy which of which is more "in", the info was there. And my eyes as always,  got caught by the most top one that relates with this particular university. Oh yea, university. My mind was in wow as the progressive malaysian has now becoming more intelligent from day to day that people nowadays has started to talk about university!

University = Education (university means education)

They are getting aware of education! Progressive! Progressive!

Good awareness! Good education! University! All are educated! All will be less judgemental! Malaysian be less judgemental! Oh wow!

(My thoughts at that current moment)


But then again, it was all a thought. My thought merely about that and stops there. It wasn't the real issue here. The issue was about this well known motivator that has so many followers (including me) that as from what we heard this particular philosophy doctor has manipulated everyone with his fake education background. Oh well, lying and manipulating are both a crime, but then (for me) it's so arguable here for us to subject the person as "the most sinful among us".

Of course he can be subjected to a criminal doing. One point. And that's how people can always put in consideration of so many other points to still own some respects towards this notable person's contribution. I'm not supporting , neither bashing. What I meant is to be fair enough in accounting one's being for us to pay them a respect they deserve. As to what I think, we Malaysians are still to be considered judgemental for thinking this doctor is so sinful he didn't deserve our respect.

This issue of education as to what I think has become a serious sickness in people nowadays. On how we putting value to a person considering their education level. Education yet to me is subjective. Like you got a lower price as a human for having certificate than the one with diploma. Same goes to you are just nothing as to be compared with the one with a degree. Likewise, those who hold the phd doctorate certificate would be at the top of this hierarchy of human price. (Price ; monetary value we put on someone)

At least to me, the price of one's degree is nothing equivalent to the person's value as human-being. It still has nothing to do about how much duit hantaran should be given considering she held a uk-degree of double degree of combination of mathematics and metaphysics from abroad. Also, has nothing to do about how much we should pay them with respect. As if everything should accounted in quantitative measure rather than qualitative measure one held.

The issue is; we misintepreted what 'education' should really mean. We defined education as something to be proud of, or as a reason either one's opinion is valuable or not, either their words should be listened or not. 

After all, we are all the same. I'm not generalizing or trying to miscount the amount of money you've put on education certificate you're having or then similarizing you as the same with others who didn't finish their highschool. No. I'm talking about quality here despite the degree you hold there. 

Experiences are a part of the process of you obtaining the education certificate; and that what matters. 

We value experience here, we value their ability to think, the additional skills they hold, their personality as a person, the quality of their life, how they think, how they look and reflect, how they observe something, their perspective of life, their consistency in learning new things. All these matter and shall be put in consideration if we were to put a price on someone.

But then again, we are not some sorts of a " thing "to be price-tagged on.

Education is nothing to do with a paper you got with your name written on; that's more that just that. That's why the idea of attending a university should be first be taken into account; on what's the real motive of going for one. Of course it's not about settling for a high-paid job once graduated, or just do it because everyone else is going to university. One should go for university because they are passionate with learning new things, because they are excited with the ideas of education itself. 

In the end, if everyone can have a good education with a good motives, and the goals will be achieved. Imagine the idea of this world is occupied with educated people who are humble, civilized; ofc we could have reached more better world of living.

Someone commit a mistake, we forgive. Someone achieve a doctorate in education, we be proud of them. Someone excel in exam, we cherish. Someone fail in test, we lift them up. 

I am not going to say that education is not important. Neither will I say it's crucial enough for a us to be a notable human being solely based on the education level we held. That's not a single factor to anything. That is then return to how we value something over something; based on the qualitative measure.

Educated people are not from those who hold a "Dr." infront of their surname, also not from those who studied abroad. They are those who contribute to a value of nation, those that teach but still learning, those who are humble enough to commit mistake and are ready for critics for the sake of their own value as a person; for the sake of education itself.

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