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My first azan heard in Cyberjaya was at that night. The calming and soothing one; of the one I could only get when I become movable to the spot. We decided to be nearer that night, while preparing our ears widely open to soothe our long time longing for one. As a trio of the night, we took a quick driving after maghrib. It was "khamis malam jumaat" just so we expected for at least a short tazkirah and bacaan yaasin be held there. Allah bless, expectations exceeded, they had bacaan yaasin. Syukr we could be among them that night. We came in.

Upon our late arrival we heard the mic has turned on, just so we know the bacaan will be started in minutes time. We took a place, between those blessed strangers we sat in a line; the three of us. It was so familiar; the moment, the feel of soft carpet once you stepped on, the perfect sound from probably a new microphone and the surrounding of souls that are covered modestly, those that are fully-prepared to communicate with God thru prayers. It was so positive and familiar just like the one I had in highschool times, just as the one I've been missing most of the times now while  I was in mkic. 

The ustaz, then started the reading calmly. It was a slow reading heard but soothing. Just a perfect bacaan for us the so ordinary us in reciting Quran's ayah.

Settled it with one long reading of Dua'; we looked around. I looked around, as if I was finding someone I know, but none. Of course there'd be no one, this isn't my place either as I'm not from here. 

A humble azan then sounded out loud eventually occupied the whole masjid. Everyone sat still. Some of them rushed to renew wudhu. While few kids were still running around like they thought the hall was some sorts of a playground. They made noise; an ignorant and innocent one.

We sat still, enjoying every sound the bilal whispered through the microphone. It was a magical sound heard. This one  to me was so natural, not from the radio, or a laptop or the one that was recorded. This time it was the original one, a man-made sound originally from the mouth of one calling people to get nearer to God. I was drowned again. This time is different as I got drowned in positiveness, I got drowned to the voice and I just hope it could last longer. Longer than usual until my heart could achieve the full capacity of craveness I've been hold all this while.

O Allah. Finally. 

"Maybe I've got to be sufficiently broken by life's many broken promises just to be sufficiently compelled to seek out God's unbreakable promises"

The night hasn't just ended like that; when we were about to make our way out to satisfy our dinner that night some noises from nowhere caught our attention. It was from that crowded spot at one corner of masjid. 

We turned around, the noise was from that crowded spot full with foods. We were blessed with nasi lemak ayam berempah; told by the locals that night's menu of feast was a special one compared to any other night. Allah bless. Sort of our langkah kanan. 

Similarly to any masjid, it was the typical feast served to those who attend bacaan yaasin. We went there, mixing around the locals there. We talked between us while enjoying our free foods (such a big blessing in one night)

Allah bless. We expected of just one small thing, just a voice of azan. Allah gave more. More than just a full and satisfied stomach. 

Deep inside, i cried a little. Of how far I've drowned away from the initial lane. I'm just going to be back to the basic. 

To the most basic one; the lane of turning to the one and only ; الله

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