It's all started with the day we first talked to each other; we were in the same group back then while in Form one (you were thirteen, and me too) , we both were so innocent that we thought life is all about being free from upsr oh yes that time was good. Our group was "gajah" ; I didn't know you, but of course you were cute since thirteen but your cuteness has always made me irritating but you were cute but yeah. You still; are, babe.

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, then the end of highschool times.

We both were flying through times, together as the young learner of life. We knew nothing that day; but to achieve all the goals we ourselves created; 9A's, 11A's you name it all for every exam we take; just every score that resembles flying colours we both were dying to grab. We knew nothing that day; but to be the best among everyone. We knew nothing that day; but to always make our parents proud. I guess we both too young to know things; that life is more than just that. More than about achieving goals inside our minds. More than our idea of grabbing every A's and getting full marks in exam. That life isn't a merely constant growing of upper and higher. Life is more to it. It is, in fact, the victory after being drowned by hardships and struggles life has offer. Life , however, is about growing ourselves up internally despites every failures we gone through. Life is about keeping the movement and further decision to keep stepping forward; after so many thoughts of giving up and putting down the shield out of our hands. Life is more than what we thought we knew, Sarah.

You know what, I have always thought of how my life could be a lot more better and exciting if you were there along it. But there's always a good reason for us to be separated into two different journey that even so I still have you to be my ears and shoulder whenever my hard times hit. Our conversation through phone for HOURS would still be my favourite thing to do. 

Even with the fact that you are with your dreams, while me with mine; we know we are going to still be the best, like how we used to since ever. Even though we both have no idea how struggle we put everyday in each other's life, note that you are always in my prayers and my mind. We both believe in each other's capability; and to look over each other even from far. Life goes on; i swear I've always in thought to be in the moment when we still learning the same books and doing the same homeworks. I miss everything we do together, Sarah. 

However, nothing to regret. As we both are still in the same field of career; that there would be no problem to understand of your language of saying that assets minus liabilities would always be equal to capital. We could still be good together with our debit and credit. Giving our heads such a massive pain trying to adjust accruals and prepayments; we'll do just fine. And thinking that we might want to quit everything just because we couldn't get "balance". Despite all the SOCIs and SOFPs we are going to go through, I would still love you.   No matter what and how, we can still understand each other ; we know ourselves better don't we? You, in fact, are my favourite asset and nothing else to be compared of how valuable you are to me. And that value; could be never depreciated I can assure. 

I know now we are so far away from each other, not through places but emotions. That I hope you could bear in mind, that I have always got your back and you are reserved for some spots in my heart and my life, I am glad you are a part of my little journey of life.

This is for every of your struggles and those sleepless nights you went through; I wanted you to know that you deserve everything you have now. You already done your best; and we all are so proud with you. You always know what to do, what to read, what to study, what to achieve; that's just you. For every problems you had, you settled it one by one with care, and you were just so particular with answering questions; that's just you and still are. Being careless just isn't you. You might not good with theories and facts; but who cares now you already ace it gal! You already own the CAT!  There's nothing you cannot do, when you being you. Girl, you are amazing with all the achievements you got! 

Congratulations on graduating 🎓

To more things to achieve in ACCA and life; all the best with everything you do and decide. Allah bless you, for the rest of your life being the amazing Sarahrahidi 💎

You are really; a diamond ✨

Of this year that we turn 20; I wish you a great life ahead. To me, you are still the same petite girl I first saw while in form one; but deep inside your internal energy and spirit I know you've grown up well! Happy birthday! 💋

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