To the most amazing AliAli

I will always be looking over you. 

Hi babe, I won't be sorry to be the last one to wish for also I won't be mad to be the last one you go for help; for time is never a measure to our true friendship (at least that's how i see) Ever since we first met on the very first day of class in mkic, I know clearly that you're that smart ass who would shine the brightest among us; and indeed you are. But like how everyone says; everything happens for a reason. And our presence into each other's life is to help without expecting a benefit. I'm glad our stars aligned, Ali ✨

You are a good person, through my eyes. You always know how to comfort, you always know how to actually ask me when the only answer I could give that time is "I'm fine" even most of the time I'm not, you are definitely my favorite person I would go to when all I need is ears to listen and a shoulder to cry on; I'm special partly because of you. 

Being a friend to you is always an easy task but not when I'm also a very well-behaved student of yours; know that my biggest regret of you leaving is I'm losing my super talented math teacher. I do really hope I can find someone good enough like you; someone who could scold me whenever my lazy day hits. Someone who would be so patient answering my silly question on integration. Indeed, I'm in a big loss in this. 

Moving on to reality, you're leaving. 

And I'm so glad you did. Haha. 

Please, go to Manchester and get as much friends as you could. Be friends with those souls I supposed to meet; I can assure you'll have the best new cliques there (no doubt) eventhough they are not as good as me but yknow, you'll survive ✨ (considering how wise you are as a person)  😏

Ilaila sayang, 
You're going so far from all of us, from your support system ; your mama and ayah, kakak and the cheeky iman. You're going to face a very new journey far from us, we can't be there all the time (physically and emotionally) but please remember that, our Dua' are with you. My prayers are with you, babe. Whenever you think you're losing the track that you couldn't cope anymore, please know that He is there to help. Don't lose connection with Him, find Him until you're in balance back. 

Today could be just another day for me until I met you, and 12th of September is definitely a date to remember for the rest of my life (Allah bless me with a gooooood memory) so without further delay, I'm wishing you a greatly 20th of Birthday, Ilaila Ahmad Farid! 👙 

Stay gold, and keep that classy attitude in you. I love you so much. And just because we're far away from each other it does not mean I'm not with you. I'll always be there looking over you, keeping you safe through my Dua. 

صل كثيرًا. صل بقلب كامل. صل، كي لا تواجه هذا العالم القاسي بقلب منهك. 
Pray a lot. Pray with all your heart. Pray, so you don't face this cruel world with an exhausted heart. 

Love always and forever,