Little things that mean a lot

a call from a very close friend of mine; is one of those little things that mean a lot. Even if I do have boyfriend(special person) one day, still a call from Sara might be even more meaningful than him (i do really mean this) I don't really have many friends I can count on, so to have those strong limited connections is one of the thing I want to really protect. It's cliche but true that little things really mean a lot. It's a smile one gives, a seat one offers, a simple 'hey' one greets; that make our life more meaningful. This morning I encountered one short note written by this one favourite motivator Dahlia Mogahed; I love how she stressed on the small gestures that really bring something big as, giving people a random happiness or as simple as crushing their souls.

Even in Islam, so far as I know, Islam do really care of feelings of another person especially when it gathers a group of people. As a matter of fact I did google this hadith (basically a guidance from our Propher Pbuh) that said;

 Abdullah ibn Massoud quotes the Prophet as saying: “Should there be three of you, then let not two of them be in conversation to the exclusion of the third, because this will hurt him.” (Related by Al-Bukahri and Muslim)

You'll find like a very broad discussion about this Hadith with few same meaning suppporting versions. Basically, do not whisper between two if you are joined by three. I'm amazed with how Islam cherish and provide us guidelines in protecting one feelings; this is exactly the same as what we call today "common sense" but in a very civilized manner.

There a lot more including for us to seek permission from the guests if we wish to leave, smile because it's one way of charity (sadaqah) , and when you talk to someone do turn your body fully towards them, do not take someone's seat when they get up temporarily, if you are trusted with a secret do keep it close and never think to reveal to even a soul, do not hold grudge for more than 3 days and do forgive, make peace between people and always talk good with everyone. If I were to list all those little things that need us to consider in doing it more better, then this entire blog would not be enough.

There are so much more.

But that's how I want precise here to my dear self and anyone that reads to always count over our little things that we do to people. Human being's heart are too fragile and sometimes it is not the big thing that could break it. It's the small little thing that counts.

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