Live a life

I still have the entry somewhere in this blog that stated how I was a tomorrow girl who might know nothing about the life she lives at that current moment but the fact that she was too focusing on what will happen on a day after. 

Being asked about the ups and downs of what I've been through this 2years, I can see I have changed my perspective in life throughly. Not because the last perspective was wrong ; it just that I'm looking for a balance in anything I do or anything I view. Despite my difficult yet worthwhile 2years I would just say "I'm living a life" or "I'm surviving", indeed. 

How is that; living a life ? We have come to a point when we lost our soul , losing our insanity and even worse, losing our stand to something that's worthless to be losing for. And some of us, has yet taking the most wrong route, running from problems, or just dwelling on past or might just struggling hard to move on from dark life we had. 

This time, I want to precise here, that I live today , my life , everyday to the fullest. We all travel different roads to our ultimate destinations; either you are struggling hard for alevel, ib, diploma or even degree; don't forget to treasure every hardship, feel the pain and savor the happiness. You deserve to feel that, for you are becoming someone stronger than who you are now to serve for nation; even bigger community under your responsibility in future. There is this one book I read that said 'there are no real failures in life, only results' ; in fact , there are no true tragedies, only lessons. And there are really no problems, only opportunities waiting to be recognized as solution by the person of wisdom. 

Cherish every seconds of your life. 

Thank you for the amazing two years. Goodbye, mkic; till we meet again. 

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