Get behind people's eyeballs

Not so long before, I have always this intuition to tell someone or anyone that related about all the things that were in my head. And as how hunger I was to be understood, cherished and honored; finding a great listener (for me) was as hard as trusting people to not giving up when the difficult times come. Despite trying to find one, I reflected myself as if I was a good one either. And sadly, I wasn't. There was a time when my super bestfriend tried to spill out of all her things that were in her heart and I was just there not listening but in fact waiting of when she could stop talking. And even worse, I was there playing around with monologues rather than present myself as a good friend to empathize with the point that being made by her. 

And my response wasn't either helpful but it failed myself to be the good friend she expected me to be. That's for me; a big failure. 

Thinking logically; the fact that we have two ears and one mouth simply telling us that we should listen twice as much as we speak. And in the quest of being a better listener; it will always act as a big advantage to you as a simple human being who live life by lessons. We live in this world with limited time we have everyday, it's impossible to experience everything and gather all the lessons of life. Thus, by understanding what others trying to share with you , in some ways, you are technically learning, gaining new information you might be missed in life. 

And most of us, rather than see the problems according to our very own perspective why not seeing the same particular problems through the eyes of the one who had the problem in the first place. 

Get behind people's eyeballs, and help as much as we can. 

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