To Farah; the girl of your dream

This is; a birthday shoutout to @farahnabilah (the one in pink shirt) 

For anyone who've been wondering what do I do every night appearing 'online' in whatsapp during this study week, please know that she is the definite reason of me not on studying! Well, I still need to admit that she brings the laughter I've been longing to for quite sometimes. Struggling myself through this tough times, having her as my part time gossipmate I guess I need to recognize her as my angel from heaven. Indeed, she is! 

The one who will take away every pressures I had, the one who I believe will never reject my 'hey' especially on the late of night, the one who being so nice yet humble to me, the one who appreciates my silly quotes on yellow sticknote while in school times, the one who always make me feel good about being single, the one who is loved by almost everyone, the one who I will refer to when it comes to makeup and girls thingy, the one who I never ashamed to tell that I got crush on someone, the one who will never say no to almost every crazy things I'd like to do, the one who dare to kidnap me for my birthday despite workloads she might having, the one who is, yet, so sweet and beautiful, HAPPY 20th of BIRTHDAY. This is for many years to come, I wish you a good health and happiness ahead. 

Dear Farah, 

I know life is not easy for any of us, I just want you to know that Allah is with you, so keep praying to Him. You are going to be a great lady with a great life awaits. Remember, to always be yourself, because that's what matter more than anything else. Believe in your potential, believe that you're unique in your own way, so stay classy and fabulous. Hahahahahah and sorry for giving you such a silly info about that S disease, I swear I'm so grateful I didn't take medic! 

Last but not least, I deeply hope that you're going to end up with that F guy insyaAllah. And don't forget to invite me. I'm ready for rewang, just for you!! 

May Allah bless you, always. 


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