This is for Ma

This is for Ma;

I have always been so excited about growing up and eventually achieving all of my dreams turned into reality. But the more farther I go, the more I realize that Ma is growing old too. She's becoming less healthy compared to how she was when I still in primary school. She's now not as beautiful as how she was when I was still in kindergarten 14 years ago. Her memory; is not as strong as how she was 10 years ago. Ma tends to forget things, she takes longer time now to understand things. It saddens me most of the times, knowing Ma is not as the same as how she was years ago. Sometimes, I just want to stop times from flying so fast so that I can enjoy more time with Ma. I don't want to leave home anymore, for to be with Ma is always the safest place for me to be in the World despite any other beautiful places around. Ma's love is always the purest, even sometimes her unconditional love could spoil me for doing the same mistakes again and again but at the end of the day her forgiveness is always the savior for my life. 

I could still remember when I was at the lowest point of my life, it was her that comfort and still it was her that never judge. Even if I failed so many times in getting something I want, it's her to tell that I shouldn't giving up but keep moving still. 

My mom is not as perfect as anyone's mother, but through my eyes she is the most perfect. Her calmness resembles her pure heart. Her perfect imperfections are all that made her what she is; my Ma. Her Dua's are the reason for me to feel safe walking through this life. I could never imagined how my life would turn if there was not her along this path of my life. 

Mothers' Day is just another day to some people, and ever since I was a kid it was just another day. But not today; for today is an appreciation day for Ma. I have been away from home for two years, for a person who never been away from Ma for quite this long period of time; I just want to know for every single seconds and minutes I'm not by her side, my mind and heart are always with her. 

Ma, my strength, please be safe and stay healthy. May Allah grant you happiness and blessing throughout this life. May you always be protected under Allah's mercy. May Allah grant you Jannah as the reward for raising me up since I was still a little baby up to now when I have reached 20. I can't repay any of your kindness to all us; your children but our Dua's are always for you. 

( I know the chances for Ma to read my blog could be just impossible but there'll be a day I believe that she will read every piece of my words through my treats and actions InsyaAllah )

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