Short intermissions

Last time when I've done with the workloads and all to-do(s) I have been struggling with; all I think at that day was to have someone to talk to. Lately, I have always in the state of longing to have someone to talk to, possibly someone that is far away from mkic, someone who possibly had no idea in what I've been up to, just merely someone who could bear their time and ears for me. And not so long after that, I picked up the phone and  by seeing it's Sara that the notification was coming from; I know days are going to be better, at least at this little moment. 

As usual, we talked about so many things happened around us, about friends of us and what not. And we suddenly came to a topic of how could few couples that were so in love for each other in past and when they comes to a point of breaking up; after that they just don't take too long to have a new replacement for the spot that once ago was filled with love they think they own. I wondered; of how could that be so easily to love and easily to leave. People don't think it's necessary anymore to heal the broken part first just before they start a new again; my skepticism injects. 

How they value their love, how they value the person who once ago they claimed theirs? I know times are just simply numbers and that could just resembles nothing. But don't they learn, at least to not repeating the mistake they once did? 

You see, the depth of love might can't be measured through how many years they've been together. But there should always be a short pause between one process of breaking up and another process of starting a new again. For that, at least to me, you could use the little moments to appreciate the what's past and gone, and in a way you could learn slowly the lesson from past relationship so that if let say in the near future you get the chance to fall in love again; you know what to do, you know what you shouldn't do. The process of learning, that matters. 

Love; is a big thing. At least to me. The fear to be in; trigger me to never take chances and don't bother to be in one. However, that's also despite among all others is the greatest gift from God you might ever feel. 

The fear of being replaced is the worst feeling ever, you know that time you've lost the chance. You don't want to have any regret, in moving on. Stop looking back, take sometimes to learn, and then start again. 

And now I know, at least this time, to be less fear, moving on from past, taking up all the lesson learned with me, be open, start trusting and accepting again, and be among those who take chances. 

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