Luck or unlucky sign within the self

[Fihi Ma Fihi : Discourse 4]

You say you are busy with a hundred "lofty works"; you excuse yourself saying that you are studying jurisprudence, philosophy, logic, astronomy, medicine and so on. That's all for yourself. You learn jurisprudence so that no one will steal a loaf of bread from you, or take your clothing, or kill you-- it's all for your own security. What you learn in astronomy, such as the phases of the heavenly spheres and their influences on the earth, whether it is weighty or light and indicates well being or danger, is all connected with your own situation. All these serve your self and your own purposes. If the stars appear lucky or unlucky it's still in relation to your own ascendant and your own intentions. 

If you consider the matter well, you will realize that the root of the whole business is your self, and all the rest are just branches. Now, if those things are subordinate to you have so many wondrous subdivisions, consider what "ascensions" and "descensions", lucky and unlucky signs, benefits and losses you, who are the root, must have that such a spirit possesses such as property, is capable of this, and that is suitable for such a task. 

There is another food for you besides all your sleeping and eating. 

As the Prophet said,  "I spend the night with my Lord, and He feeds me and give me to drink." *hadith

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