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This post I'm about to write gonna be very long and it's important at the same time to be written here, you know as a future reference for once in awhile I'll read it back just to know who I was, and where I have been in past. Talking about mkic, Terengganu and alevel; they are all resemble hardships and big time struggles (as you all know). But despite all those sleepless nights and continuous consumption of caffeines to stay awake, I can say it just so worthwhile. The memories I got there are just priceless and those couldn't be found at anywhere anytime after this. Remembering how I was the first time stepping in to mkic; I was actually in the state of moving on and I can say it was a big stepping stone for me to heal every parts of me and eventually welcome the new faces and probably new chapters into my life. I'm blessed, indeed. 

It has been two years now, waking up to same faces everyday. All those 148 names and faces I need to digest along this 2years, I swear I might couldn't be moving on from uguys this sooner; my batchmates. Ten supportive housemates and a few of my part time gossipmates; they are all gonna be missed by me. A great classmates who never stop motivating through their acts and words; I just could not ask for better of them. All the makcik ds who are just like our mothers; I'm sure going to miss all the Terengganu's masakan. A motherly Umi, Tok Ma, Mok Teh, Che Dah, all the kakaks and ofc not to forget, Mek; they are all will be missed. 

If someone was to ask me what mkic is all about, I definitely will describe it as "a lil something" as in one phrase. This lil something isn't intended to show how lack mkic in many things in certain areas. However, it resembles the richness of a small place that give me so much little something up to a certain degree, it has occupied the capacity of happiness I expected and I'm blessed for its sufficiency. Indeed, I feel fulfilled. 

To be compared with another colleges or universities, Mkic is just nothing. But that's why I want to precise here that Mkic is incomparable to any colleges. Infact, it is versatile in its own way. I would hope the future intakes who are about to enter mkic could be so much open hearted to accept mkic for what it is. I learnt to count the blessing by not focusing on how small the buildings are or how small the community there but to be immersed in the strong bonding among all the members of this beautiful family of mkic. I swear, you'll understand this more  when you are a part of us. We are family, through thick and thin of two years. 

Eventhough I still haven't done with Alevels, officially, and I still have another one more to go this June, I felt that everything has now stopped. I mean, the period of time set for us has just stopped all the way that most of them (the besties) especially my great friends will not be there anymore as I come back for that last one paper. We might not know what future holds for us, but believe that in the end that'll sure be the best outcomes to each of us insyaAllah.

But I'm delighted here to address my biggest appreciation to each and every of them, for being a part of my 2years in Terengganu. Meet them, anyway; 

(How could we not talk about family when family is all we got. Lensed at Tok Ma's house; the last dinner of us; my 10 awesome housemates, Tok Ma ft Tok Abah and Mok Teh) 

I hope by the time I come to Terengganu (might be 3years from now) , the photo will still be there :') 

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