Wild day (throwback)

(A lil throwback, on somewhere around January. Basically, a college trip with awesome mates)

The ladies; my strength whenever I feel I'm the lowest. They would come; entertaining and motivating. I know each and everyone of us are going to be a successful lady. Not just to our nation, but a humble slave to Allah insyaAllah 

But the most important part of all is; our wild night. A late night walking with the awesome classmates.

It was a great night; spending hours with a great squad treasuring KL. I feel young, free and wild. Thus, making the night to be too precious to be forgotten. I broke all the rules in being a nice girl; I feel alive! We were the last person leaving the mall, the last person entering the hotel, we went everywhere without maps and directions around KL walking; a very wild night tbh! 

I know this was going to be the last we did this, together. Hopefully, in Malaysia. Because we are going to have much more nights like this in the UK soon. I pray so that each of us will succeed this phase and fly together InsyaAllah. 

I might being quite cliche this time, but from so many squads I had, them are the most entertaining and I'm not going to replace any of them. May all of us be protected under Allah's mercy.

Thank you, lovelies. 

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