Friends we used to have

Today that I cried of so many things that changed. And it's massively hurt inside to get detached for all the things that I loved. I cried, knowing someone I know is so far away in distant and nothing would come between us anymore after this, the door is really closing. 

I don't mad, I just in regret. That I left, and you changed. I told myself; if something in past was not meant to be like how it is now, how would you be? How that would make any differences? 

I heard everything. I saw everything. Even from distant, I know there's something not right here and there. I saw how the feeling has developed from nothing to something, and now it has occupied entire pieces of you. It has come to the point that you're dominated with feeling you thought is in control, despite it controls you as a whole. You're attaching to something that might ruin you somedays. Like how it was between us, I certainly know how strong the feelings are in you. Thus it's true on how people said that we can't unlove someone or something; it's about replacing it with another new. The initial feeling stays but the object you're in love with that might not be the same. 

But this time, I'm giving up. You are not the man you used to be, so do I. We are in no way a companion like how we were in past, we are nothing now but two souls that are completely stranger to one another. 

Let's not meet each other, even in the after-world. 

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