Adventurous morning

It was somewhere on January, when I know it has been weeks not returning home. And Ma was going to have a minor operation that weekend, and there was me so far away in terengganu. But Allah helped in a way giving me chance to join college trip to Bursa and few others financial institutions in KL. Along that, there was also an invitation from my fellow ex classmates from highschool, they were planning to go to Broga, spending morning there. 

I was so eager actually, to try new adventurous thing as such, so I told them 'I'm going'. So we planned roughly as that time I know i might not going as I need first to go to the college trip for two days. And if I were going to visit Ma, that'll maybe too rush at home. But, I did it though.

I called Bah to fetch me from ktm station that evening after two days in KL, that I went home visiting Ma. Allah blessed, Ma's getting better. That time, I know I wanna go joining them. But Ma refused to allow me, for some reasons. And I was being a very good daughter I've always be ... Ma finally said yes. 

So basically I didn't enjoy any night at home that night since I need to start the journey to Broga as early as 2.30am as we were in group and for precautions, we knew we should be going early. So I didn't sleep that night, didn't even had chance to pack off my things. 

But it went so well Alhamdulillah. I enjoyed every hours at home, and every seconds on top of Broga with them. Tbh, I never know them very well. By that, I mean I rarely talk to them when we were still in highschool. Specifically, the boys. I kinda hate them before. But now I think, they are all a very good guy and they've grown up now. I'm willing to spend even more of my time with them in future, if ever I had this kind of chance again. 

Those faces, who I never had chances to talk before were the one who guides every of my steps climbing up to Broga. They took care of us so well, guiding us of which of which to step on, protecting us from the back while always making sure everyone was there. A very meaningful early morning walk I've ever been, we spent hours talking while walking. Laughing hard on anyone's jokes. And not to forget, to help each other hand in hand so that none of us will be left behind. They were so good, I love that morning indeed. 

We sometimes talked about how we were in school back then, that was such a meaningful moment. 

Thank you, friends. I love you guys to the moon and back. Let's have more times together after this.

Semoga kalian berjaya, dunia dan akhirat. 

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