Kalau hidup sekadar hidup,
Babi di hutan juga hidup.
Kalau bekerja sekadar bekerja,
Kera di hutan juga bekerja. 

Kalau mahasiswa setakat belajar, 
Lembu di padang juga belajar.

Thus, we need more than just learning. We need to analyse, practice, interpret, evaluate and be complex. Life is like that, the more you're in wonder the more you're going to put yourself into questions. By having questions, you will need to find answer until then you know it's not the answer you were searching for in the first place. You just need to do some research, to be more complex and be out of your thinking limit. As a matter of fact, complex is not complicated. Complex more like you think in a way more sophisticated, more intelligent and more content. It's like you are asking something that will generate even more questions, until then it becomes a wide variety of wonders that are waiting for answer in each. 

Be suffer in questioning, be curious in knowing something you never know. That's how wisdom will come; through suffering. 

This is random, more random than my initial randomness. 

"Hidup bukan mudah dan kerana payahnyalah kehidupan itu, aku dan engkau akan menjadi lebih bermakna sebagai manusia" - Faisal Tehrani 

(Another random thing; this was given by the friend of mine who once ago we never just friends but a companion to each other. I'd like him to know I was so lucky to know him and even until now I'm so grateful to have him along the way I'm growing ever since my innocent youth phase. Thank you. )

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