القلق لا يغير اي شي ، لكن الثقه بالله تغير كل شي 

Tomorrow, what will you bring? To mend my broken heart. Will you leave me without tears? Will there a good news to be heard? Will there be something for me to be proud of? 

In Allah, I put my trust. For what's the best and something I need, my faith is in You. Test is a blessing, so does blessing is a test. 

If there was something I would want to have now, it is to have my heart reclaimed from the attachment of Dunya. To have myself known that this way is a means and only it; it never a true destination indeed. In the world where there are invisible ladders, step by step up leading to the summit of Heaven. And for every class, there is a different ladder, and for every traveler's way there is a different heaven. Different way to call 'happiness', and mine is the realization that Allah's choice is the better. 

I'm ready for both. 

Bring me to the Hikmah, and I should not be worrying anything but to give my whole heart to You. 

May Allah ease, for what's the best I could have. 


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