The exposure

Test after test, I should say this is the most beautiful blessing to my life. This phase of life not just increases my age but my maturity gradually, to be more tougher and stronger than what I actually think I could be. To have those faces who believe in myself even more than my own self, it's a blessing as well. Honestly, I almost died in the halfway of getting success, I almost lost my hope and belief in me, just then He came asking me to never stop but keep moving still. 

Let it be a slow step after step to the upfront, but shall I never stop moving. Because after all, chances are meant to be treasured; not wasted. In that, I believe. 

Thus, I want to reach this means. The way of me getting nearer to the creator of success; is to succeed this means indeed. I want to work even harder this time and give the very best I could to have this means, succeeded. I want to treasure every hardships and tears; making me a better human, a better muslim. Verily, for every hardship comes ease. 

While you are so in love with human, I want to be in love with the creator of love. To love is to give, and I shall give more-- more than I could. I want to contribute myself in  serving for my deen thus if Allah wills; syaheed shall be my aim. InsyaAllah.

I know this a long way to go, still. But let me try, until I get myself knackered. Until I exceed my own limit, I want to keep moving. Even faster than before. Even farther than before. 

For those who still in my back supporting, may Allah grant you happiness in both Dunya Akhirah. And those who left after promising not to; may Allah bless you too. 

Thank you, for reading. 

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