Reflections of a man

Being a girl is tough. Being a girl without knowledge is tougher. However, we can learn. Told ya before, there are few lessons that couldn't be learned in school. Like how to manage life, choosing a good friend and even knowing as if that guy is a good guy for us. 

This might be a reliable source for you as a guide, but still it just a book. It limits to some extents but I'm very sure it's beneficial if you can learn one or two thus making you a smart girl in choosing a right guy. Not hardly recommending, simply want everyone to at least read and learn. Reflections of a man; a lesson even your mother might not know. 

I suggest this book; for it has answered my few wonders. For me it's reliable; because it is written by a random guy. Might be not the typical one, but surely he is a strong observant and he knows his species better than me. Haha 

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